A kit thought for your
rolling shutter!

Our goal

Easy to install it ensures significant savings in energy consumption compared to other traditional systems. Thanks to its technology, FORZA improves the functionality and the comfort of your door.

Easy and useful
at home as
in the office

Discover kit

70mm octagonal tube installation
Motor installation only on the left side internal view

  1. Motor with incorporated chain tensioner
  2. Support of the shaft
  3. Telescopic final element
  4. Anti-drop system
  5. Torsion spring
  6. Hex key
  7. Remote control
  8. Mounting accessories

- Detail of the upper part -

Choose your engine power

We offer 2 engine type in order to satisfy your different needs of use of the motor


Choose the right motor for your rolling shutter looking at the table that show the “limitations in the use of the motor”.
Download the PDF

Kit benefits

Energy savings

With the introduction of the ESA system , the door is considered a system that meets the new environmental issues, combining effectiveness and efficiency with a saving of about € 50.4 per year on the costs of electricity compared with a standard device.

Many standard optional

Other benefits of the FORCE system:

- amperometric sensor obstacle detection
- intensive operation/ heavy-duty use
- manual release of the motor from inside and outside
- spring break safety
- 12V rechargeable battery for emergency drive
- incorporated radio-receiver
- automatic closing door
- courtesy light
- reporting maintenance service
- reporting the number of maneuvers carried out
- control unit with self-check function
- speed adjustment and operation
- slow down in opening and closing operation

Assembly instruction kit

Look at the video, it shows how the motor is installed and how it works.

The Installation guide is one of the easiest and fastest guide that with simple explanations and illustrations will help you in installing the motor.
Download user manual

Serranda coibentata

001 002 003

Serranda tubolare

004 005 006

How it works

Practical and safe

FORZA motor, even if silent and with spaces of winding reduced, has been designed to guarantee an high level of safety.

The video is a practical example of how FORZA motor works. Effectively it shows how, when it hits an obstacle, the rolling shutter stops and reverses the direction and how the motor automatically reduces the speed.

Thanks to the new system, it is not requested any supplementary electrical sensor device in the bottom slat.

Prices kit

€ 380 (*) Kit FORZA 2
€ 430 (*) Kit FORZA 3

(*) We would like to point out that prices are ex our factory and excluded VAT

If you are interested in a rolling shutter + Kit

Just look at , you will find the rolling shutter that best suits your needs. Contact us so that we can submit a quote for you.


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